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Supply Partnerships

When it comes to supplier relationships, we’re in it for the long-term

Thanks to long-term, harmonious and collaborative relationships we’ve built with our suppliers, we are a talent acquisition specialist with the ability to fill every vacancy with the best possible staff, for every single client we work with. 

We work with a select group of market-leading recruitment agencies, simplifying the recruitment process for everyone involved — giving you access to the best talent and giving candidates the best possible recruitment journey.

With years of experience in the sector, we are well versed in assuming control of existing supply chains and PSLs and giving them the opportunity to supply within a Guidant IRC MSP programme. After this, we install governance that enables us to review performance so that we can refine the supply chain to include only the best suppliers.

Through building an engaged recruitment supply chain which is passionate about finding the perfect candidates with ideal skills, we can:

  • Reduce the cost of recruitment 
  • Reduce the time to hire
  • Provide timely market insight
  • Drive innovation
To find out more about how we use our successful partnerships to offer you the best possible recruitment outsourcing service, contact us now.