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Operational Excellence

Surpassing expectations every day

At both Guidant IRC and IRC, our priority is to deliver a service that goes way beyond our clients’ expectations and objectives. We don’t just talk about excellence, we consistently measure it across every single area of our company.
We’ve implemented extensive processes to make sure that we provide the best service for our clients, candidates and suppliers. Our drive for sustained improvement means that we review our programme management strategy regularly to make sure it represents best practice within our industry.
Every client programme we implement is independently and regularly audited by our innovative Operational Excellence function. Our committed Operational Excellence Team use a number of measures to examine every aspect of our service delivery in the finest detail, benchmarking the success of our programmes against past performance, as well as each other. Our Operational Excellence programme assesses: 
  • Service Level Agreements and performance against agreed KPIs
  • Service quality questionnaires — sent to key stakeholders 
  • Internal audits — physical checks that all compliance documents and policies are in place and processes are being adhered to
  • Feedback forms — to capture the views and opinions of programme stakeholders
  • Supply chain reviews and audits — physical checks that all suppliers are upholding their responsibilities with regards to compliance and candidate care

I love this. It enables me to go back to our internal compliance team and assure them that the contract is running as it should be.

Guidant Customer
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