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Managed Services

A managed service provider with you at heart

A managed service or MSP is made up of many components. Neutral vendor, temporary workforce, hybrid model, limited company contractor, statement of work, direct sourcing — with so many different components, how do you bring them all together to make sure that they really work for your business?

We believe that every managed service solution should be different, just as every business is different. Every business has its own demands, challenges and objectives, all guided by distinctive cultures and identities, and influenced by ever-changing economic, political, geographical and social factors. To be the best it can possibly be, a managed service provider (MSP) needs to account for all of these factors so they can successfully give you and your candidates the best possible service.

At Guidant IRC we work closely with all of our clients to produce a solution that is perfectly tailored to you. We also evolve our solutions over time to make sure that your staffing strategy matches advances within the industry. We will build you an intelligent, scaleable resourcing strategy that delivers:

  • Access to a diverse and inclusive talent pool
  • An engaging, supportive experience for both hiring managers and candidates
  • Access to the best possible candidate for every vacancy

Cost savings, compliance, consolidated invoicing, visibility and control should be minimum requirements for every managed service solution. At Guidant IRC, we deliver far beyond expectations thanks to our:

  • People — Fully engaged, skilled and happy colleagues working closely together means that we offer the best service for our clients. We value our people and work hard to advance their growth and learning.
  • Process — Everything about our approach is honest, transparent and fair.
  • Technology & Innovation — Because we have strong relationships with the leading VMS providers, and such innovative specialists, we can ensure that all of our clients have access to the latest systems and software that allow their business to thrive.

We understand that the implementation of a 1st generation MSP brings numerous challenges, all of which Guidant have significant experience in guiding companies through. What stands you apart, is your inclusive, honest approach and desire to be seen as an extension of the internal talent acquisition team – alongside your track record of delivery, it’s this that will ensure that our partnership is a success.

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With a longstanding proven track record providing seamless service implementations with a strong focus on sustained service improvement, what we offer is truly unique.

To find out more about how our MSP services can help you, please contact us.