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The Port of Liverpool is one of the largest, busiest and most diverse ports in the UK. Sitting on both sides of the River Mersey, the port provides deep sea and short sea connections to the USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Israel and Turkey, as well as connecting Liverpool with the Far East, India, Africa and South America. 
Whether its wind turbines or whiskey, cars or coal, a broad variety of imports and exports travel through the port.

We’ve been an official recruitment partner for Peel Ports since January 2015, recruiting everyone within the Royal Seaforth Container Terminal and also all Boatmen within the marine - from ship hands to gantry crane drivers and coxswains to quay hands.

With the recent opening of the Liverpool 2 terminal, the port has an exciting future ahead, making it an ideal place to develop a great career. To find out more, get in touch now.

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