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Welcome to Ireland's customer service boom

With the UK appearing to be losing its best talent — and struggling to attract new people — Ireland appears to be reaping the rewards. Our recent research revealed that the demand for professionals to work in contact centre roles in Ireland increased 40% year-on-year to March 2018, as global organisations increasingly look to set up or expand customer service functions in the country. 

One of the reasons this could be happening is that companies from across the globe are moving to Ireland. In 2015, it was suggested by the American Chamber of Commerce that over the past two decades Ireland benefited from $277 billion of direct investment from the US alone. And with companies moving or thinking of moving to Ireland in light of the Brexit referendum, jobs in Ireland could be about to see an even greater boom on the back of businesses leaving the UK. 

Research findings

Our research also follows separate research from recruitment software company, Innovantage, which found that demand for customer service professionals across Ireland increased by 46% in the second half of 2017 compared to the first half of the year. These figures are frankly unheard of in the western world. With such a demand for workers, we should see talent flocking to Ireland — which will be great news for the Irish economy.

Soaring demand for customer service candidates

Vacancies for complaints handlers rose most rapidly, increasing by 137% in the second half of 2017. In the digital age, customer service is increasingly seen as a brand differentiator. For companies to succeed, they are in the hands of the consumer. Ireland is clearly taking advantage of this trend.

The Republic of Ireland is a country that is proud of its EU membership. This reflects the demand for professionals with an additional language, including French, Italian and Spanish, which increased 47% year-on-year. Of the candidates filling these roles, 20% were non-Irish nationals relocating from overseas. 

Ireland's inward migration increases

This comes at a time when, according to official figures from Ireland’s Central Statistics Office, net inward migration increased by 19,800 in the year ending April 2017, representing the highest level in population growth in a decade.  

The country is growing at an explosive pace — leaving the UK and other EU27 countries trailing in its wake. The housing market is booming, the job market is booming, and the best talent wants to move to the Republic. For a country that saw the worst collapse in tax revenues on record a decade ago — with terrifying increases in unemployment — this represents an extraordinary turnaround. The wounds are healed, and Ireland is entering a bright new dawn. 

Need help recruiting in this boom?

Whether you’re a candidate, an SME, or a multinational moving to Ireland, the situation is remarkably positive, whichever way you look at it. If you are a company looking for talented staff, or a candidate looking to take advantage of the Irish jobs boom, get in touch with me today on niamh.obrien@guidantirc.ie

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